logotext1 July 18 – 22, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Thematic Panels

The ICIAM 2011 Scientific Program Committee has established panels of scientists in different emerging areas of interest to the mathematics community. The panel scientists for ICIAM 2011 are:

  • Volker Mehrmann, TU Berlin: Computational and Modeling Challenges in Industry
  • Enrique Zuazua, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics: Control Theory and Applications
  • William Pulleyblank, IBM: Design and Verification of Complex Systems
  • Jerrold Marsden, CalTech; Dynamical Systems and its Applications
  • Ivar Ekeland, University of British Columbia: Economics and Finance
  • Peter Guttorp, University of Washington: Environmental Science, including Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate
  • Andre Fursikov, University of Moscow & Wandera Ogana, University of Nairobi: Fluid Mechanics
  • Peter Schröder, Princeton University: Graphics, Visualization, and Computation
  • Emmanuel Candes, Stanford University: Image and Signal Processing
  • Robert Kohn, New York University: Materials Science
  • Leah Edelstein-Keshet, University of British Columbia: Mathematical Biology
  • James Sneyd, University of Aukland: Mathematical Medicine and Physiology
  • Maria Estaban, CEREMADE: Mathematical Physics
  • Kazuo Murota, University of Tokyo & Rolf Möhring, TU Berlin: Mathematical Programming and Industrial Applications - 1
  • José Mario Martínez, University of Buenos Aires: Mathematical Programming and Industrial Applications - 2
  • Claude Le Bris, CERMICS - ENPC: Molecular Simulation: Quantum and Classical
  • Nick Higham, University of Manchester: Numerical Analysis
  • Helge Holden, Norwegian University of Science and Technology & Felix Otto, University of Bonn: ODE, PDE and Applications
  • Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University: Scientific Computing
  • N. K. Gupta, IIT Gupta: Solid Mechanics
  • Nancy Reid, University of Toronto & Zhi-Ming Ma, Institute of Applied Mathematics: Statistical Sciences