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Guidelines for Preparing a Minisymposium Proposal

What is a Minisymposium?

A minisymposium is a session of four coordinated presentations on a single topic of substantial current interest and importance in mathematics and its applications. It is normally two hours long. Each speaker has twenty-five minutes for presentation, with an additional five minutes for discussion. In conducting the minisymposium, the session organizer should provide an overview of the minisymposium, introduce the speakers, and provide an opportunity for discussion among the speakers and the audience. The organizer may also be the chair and one of the speakers.

Organizing a Minisymposium

Those interested in organizing a minisymposium should submit a proposal to the conference program committee by no later than the due date listed on the form. Organizers will select the topics to be addressed, obtain speakers for those topics, decide with each speaker on the title of his/her presentation, and provide other information as needed.

Organizers are especially encouraged to include speakers from more than one country and from underrepresented groups, including women and minorities, whenever appropriate.

The ICIAM 2011 organizers will not be able to waive the registration fee for minisymposium organizers and speakers, or reimburse their expenses. Therefore, organizers should make no financial commitments on behalf of ICIAM 2011 to speakers when organizing their minisymposium.

Prospective minisymposium organizers should seriously consider the following recommendations when selecting speakers in a minisymposium:

  • Speakers should be selected primarily for their current contributions to the topic area.
  • Speakers should be as representative of researchers in the area as is practical.
  • Minisymposium organizers should select the first speaker based on one who can provide an overview of the topic area, put the whole area in perspective, particularly with regard to applications, and suggest new venues for continued research and application. A minisymposium organizer may speak in the minisymposium he or she is organizing. 
  • Minisymposium organizers are encouraged to include women and members of underrepresented minorities as speakers whenever appropriate. 
  • Proposals are discouraged for minisymposia in which most of the speakers come from the same organization or if all co-authors on the papers being presented in a minisymposium are from the same organization.

Preparation of the Proposal

The Minisymposium Organizer should provide the following information:

  • Title: Describe the subject of your minisymposium as accurately and specifically as possible in not more than ten words.
  • Organizer: Provide your full name, title, affiliation, address, telephone number, and, when available, fax number and e-mail address.
  • Describe your minisymposium in not more than 100 words. The summary should be written to attract those who specifically work on your topic as well as those who work in related areas. It is suggested that you explain the problem area to be addressed by the speakers and why it is important in significant applications; identify current directions of research and methods being developed to solve problems, including their advantages and shortcomings; and describe the scope of your minisymposium.
  • Speakers: Provide the full name, affiliation, and address of each speaker and the title of his/her presentation.